Friday, January 06, 2006

The start of something Blog

It is 8:11 PM EST January 6, 2006 and the Jim Church School of Digital Underwater Photography has now officially entered the Blogsphere. What we hope to accomplish is to create a place where ideas related to underwater photography, more specifically digital underwater photography can be shared. We have many thoughts on the subject related to technique, equipment, post processing, and locations, to name a few. We spend a great deal of our time traveling the world instructing folks in the ways of the digital world and this blog is a perfect way for us to reach a great many more photographers.

As with many things in life, we learn as much as we share, every time we chat with people about this wonderful pastime. We encourage you to participate. If there are UW photography questions that you've been looking for answers for, toss them our way and let's see if we can get a nice conversation going.

So now a little bit of information about us:

Professional photographers for over 19 years, Mike Haber and Mike Mesgleski have operated Underwater Camera Repair since 1992 and Subtropix Productions since 1998. Their photographic work has appeared in ad campaigns for companies such as Orca Industries, Scuba Suits of Australia, Darlington Fabrics Corp., Burger King Corporation, Image Devices Betamarine, The Video Fish Book, Sunset House in Grand Cayman, APC UPS Systems, Mastercard, and Atlantis Submarine.

Mike and Mike have had articles and photographs published in magazines such as Skin Diver, Ocean Realm, Undercurrents and Scuba Times. Their book and video ER - Emergency Repair for the Nikonos V Camera has been designated an "essential part of any underwater photographer's travel kit" by famed underwater photographer Stephen Frink.

For eighteen years, they were associated with Jim Church, a pioneer of modern underwater photography. They collaborated with Jim on three of his books and have team taught underwater photography with him in both the Caribbean and the Pacific. Jim selected them to continue his style of U/W photography instruction on board the live-aboard dive vessels of the Aggressor Fleet. Together, Mike & Mike operate the Jim Church School of Underwater Photography.

After years of photographing nature on land, Mike Haber and Mike Mesgleski turned their viewfinders to the underwater world in 1977. Upon completing advanced scuba courses, in the cold, murky waters off of New Jersey, they were quick to challenge their skills as photographers by taking their cameras into the realm beneath the sea.

Mike Mesgleski has been teaching Underwater Photography since 1987, helping countless students create thousands of beautiful images of our underwater world. Among his awards, Mike is an inaugural year recipient of the prestigious SSI Platinum Pro certification.

Mike Haber, an equally qualified instructor, is a professional photographer both topside and underwater. Mike's studio subjects and nature images reflect the wide range of his photographic skill and creativity. Mike is also proud to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Marine life Preservation Society.

While traveling extensively, Mike and Mike have amassed thousands of images. Their catalogue of photographs encompass scenes from around the world. From the streets of Europe, to the American wilderness, to the distant Pacific Atoll resting place of the Sunken Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon, their images represent views of the world few individuals have ever seen.